Eau De Linge Lethantique

eau de linge lethantique

If you want to smell fresh and feminine, then you should try eau de linge lethantique. This scent is from Lothantique, a French perfume house founded in 1920. Its products are available in upscale boutiques in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. You can apply the vaporized elixir directly on your linge for an all-day fragrance. Lothantique’s fragrance has a powdery aroma that makes you feel as though you just finished a task.

Lothantique is a family-owned business that blends provencal tradition with modernity to make luxurious products. Their products are made with the utmost respect for the environment and contain only the finest natural ingredients. Their products are incredibly luxurious and are sure to make you feel as pampered and cared for as you are! Lothantique’s line of luxurious fragrances is perfect for anyone looking to feel more at ease and pampered, whether in the shower, on a bath, or at home.

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