Eau De Linge Bois De Rose

eau de linge bois de rose

Eau de linge bois of rose is a woody floral perfume that works amazingly well in cold weather. The fragrance lasts for several hours and creates a sensation that’s seemingly endless. The fragrance is especially effective in winter as it makes the air feel more hospitable. Bois de rose is a fantastic fragrance to wear on special occasions. It is a great option for the holidays.

To use this fragrance, simply apply a small amount to the fringes of your earrings and wait for the fragrance to diffuse. It is suitable for use in a variety of places and is available in a sachet so you can use it in different places. The fragrance contains natural fragrance grains that gently diffuse the scent. It contains notes of rose and fraiches, and retranslates the scent of rose into a woody, sensual scent.

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