Eau De Lacoste L 12.12 Pour Elle Magnetic Review

eau de lacoste l 1212 pour elle magnetic

The eau de Lacoste L 12.12 pour elle Magnetic is a sporty-yet-elegant fragrance that captures the sporty-yet-elegantic feel of contemporary casual clothing. Launched in 2016, this fragrance is marketed by Procter & Gamble and Metropolitan Cosmetics.

Lacoste eau de lacoste l 12.12 pour elle magnetic

Lacoste is a French brand that started manufacturing sporty high-end clothing in 1933. The company became famous for its polo shirts, which were once considered the height of preppy style. As time went on, Lacoste expanded into fragrances and women’s apparel to capture the sporty yet elegant feel of today’s casual clothing. Currently, Lacoste offers a variety of women’s fragrances, including its most recent release, Lacoste L 12.12 Pour elle Magnetic.

Lacoste fragrances encapsulate the sporty yet elegant feel of contemporary casual clothing

Lacoste was founded in 1933 to create high-quality sporty clothing. It quickly became famous for its polo shirts, which were once the height of preppy fashion. The brand also developed fragrances for men and women. Its fragrances captured the sporty yet elegant feel of contemporary casual clothing.

Lacoste has earned worldwide recognition for the quality of its products and has been able to maintain that status by collaborating with other designers and constantly introducing new designs. The iconic Lacoste logo has become a symbol of style and luxury. The company is also known for its environmental and ethical practices. It does not use animal byproducts or other materials that are harmful to the environment.

L’Homme Lacoste Essential is a masculine fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear. This scent combines fresh and spicy notes with a woody base. Its unique Time Release Technology re-animates the fresh top note as you wear it. It is a great scent for daytime and nighttime.

Whether it is for a business meeting or a weekend at the beach, the men’s fragrances from Lacoste capture the sporty yet elegant feel of contemporary casual attire.

Scent notes

The scent notes of Eau de Lacoste Pour Elle Magnetic start with the lively freshness of mango and clementine. It progresses to a floral heart that includes rose, jasmine, heliotrope, and patchouli. Vanilla and tonka bean round out the fragrance.

The new scent focuses on seduction. The sexy scent is aimed at young women who want to make a lasting impression. It plays on their desire to seduce and greatly increases their attraction. This feminine fragrance is a modern interpretation of the classic eau de lacoste scents.

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