Eau De Juice Perfume Purple

A new high-end perfume line, Eau de Juice, has made its debut. With four fragrances that fit different moods, the brand is aimed at millennial women. The Extra Concentrated fragrance has top notes of champagne, while the pure sugar fragrance has a sweet floral scent that is packaged in Millennial pink bottles. The Eau de Juice perfume line is available at Ulta Beauty. It costs $85 per spray, and you can get it at Ulta Beauty.

In addition to the Eau de Juice fragrances, the popular Beach Please by Thierry Mugler is another new fragrance in the brand’s line. The scent is a tropical one that includes notes of pineapple, coconut water, and whipped vanilla. It is packaged in the signature ‘juice box’ perfume bottle that was made famous by Cosmopolitan. The new fragrance was released by Luxe Brands in October 2020. The Eau de Juice line is available as an eau de parfum and a scented body mist.

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