Eau De Juice Body Mist

If you’re in search of an all-natural scent, consider eau de juice body mist. With its refreshing fruity aroma, this fragrance will have your entire body smelling delicious. Whether you’re a fan of sweets or are looking for a scent that’s less sweet, this body mist will make the perfect gift. Whether you want to make yourself feel fresh or want to add a touch of sophistication, this fragrance is sure to please.

The newest addition to the Eau de Juice Body Mist collection offers flirty and fresh scents. The new line includes effervescent scents such as 100 percent chilled, Beach Please, and Good Energy. There is something for everyone on your list, so get your gift today! The collection also makes an ideal gift! To choose from, browse the collection of fragrances to find your perfect match. Here’s a sneak peek:

Beach Please Body Mist is part of the Eau de Juice collection. It’s reminiscent of the drink from the Cosmopolitan. The scent is tropical, with notes of pineapple juice, coconut water, and whipped vanilla. Beach Please is part of the EDJ collection and is available as a scented body mist and eau de parfum. You can sample the fragrance in stores and online before making your purchase.

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