Eau De Juice Beach Please Body Mist For Women

eau de juice beach please body mist for women

The new eau de juice beach please body mist is a fruity gourmand fragrance. This scent contains notes of pineapple, coconut water, and whipped vanilla. It is housed in the iconic “juice box” fragrance bottle of Cosmopolitan. The bottle has an opaque gloss white finish. This fragrance will be available as both an eau de parfum and a scented body mist. Read on to learn about its scent and price.

The coconut and yuzu hair and body mist by The Body Shop is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. The scent of this refreshing mist will make you feel more optimistic. This body mist is ideal for stashing in a purse or desk drawer. Alternatively, you may prefer the scent of the wild orchid in ScentWorx’s Wild Island Orchid body mist. This fragrance also contains ylang-ylang, mandarin orange, and red berries.

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