Eau De Joy by Jean Patou Review

eau de joy jean patou

Eau de Joy by Jean Patou is an iconic perfume launched in 1930. It was released shortly after the Wall Street Crash, and aims to make luxury scents accessible to the masses. With natural jasmine and sandalwood as its centerpieces, this fragrance is a timeless classic that is sure to bring joy to many.


Jean Patou’s Joy launched in 1930 and is a refined flowery fragrance that contains a blend of rare oils. The scent is recommended for evening wear. The floral aroma of Joy has a warm, woody base that is suitable for all skin types. This fragrance is considered one of Jean Patou’s most popular scents.

Joy was created in response to the 1929 Wall Street crash that devastated the fortunes of many of Patou’s wealthy American clients. Despite the recession, Joy was a huge hit, and remains Jean Patou’s most popular scent. In 2001, Patou was acquired by Procter & Gamble, and it introduced a more youthful fragrance, Enjoy, in 2002.

Joy is a floral fragrance reminiscent of springtime. Perfumer Henri Almeras crafted the fragrance, and it begins with a floral accord that evokes the smell of luscious rose and jasmine. In the middle of the fragrance, a delicate light sandalwood base anchors the fragrance. Overall, Joy is translucent, long-lasting, and substantial.


The new fragrance from Jean Patou is Joy Forever. The fragrance aims to refresh the iconic Joy, but still offers a modern twist. Its floral accord is reminiscent of effervescent flowers, including jasmine and rose. It also contains hints of white flowers.

Joy Forever is a light floral with a citrusy base. This fragrance is ideal for women who like to wear scents with fruity accords. It has a pleasantly sweet accord, but it is also dominating. There’s a hint of spice and vanilla as well.

The fragrance is more delicate than the original Joy. Its notes are composed of musks and sandalwood, with a base of white musk and amber. The florals in the heart add an uplifting note. It’s a fresh floral fragrance that is perfect for summer.

JOY by Henri Almeras

The scent of JOY by Henri Alméras is a joyous, floral fragrance that is perfect for the springtime. The fragrance was created by the French perfumer, painter, and author Henri Alméras. It is a wonderful blend of citruses and woods, evoking the enchanting scent of spring.

Henri Almeras was a French perfumer who specialized in creating perfumes for the Patou house. His interest in chemistry made it easy for him to come up with new formulas quickly. A private man, Almeras was also an avid writer and loved writing. His fragrance Joy won the Scent of the Century award in 2000.

It is available at department stores, discounters, and on the Jean Patou website. This perfume is widely available, and comes in different bottle types.

JOY by Jean Patou

JOY by Jean Patou is a refined floral scent that was launched by the French perfumer in 1930. It contains a blend of rare oils and is recommended for evening wear. Joy is very light and does not have a lasting power. It is a great fragrance for evening wear because of its lightness and freshness. This fragrance is suitable for every woman, especially those who are looking for a subtle fragrance.

JOY is a fresh and fruity floral scent. The blend of ingredients is rich in aromas and is created by renowned perfumer Henri Almeras. The fragrance opens with a floral heart of jilt tuberose, followed by ylang-ylang blossom and a floral aldehyde. The middle of the fragrance is anchored by a light sandalwood base. The base has hints of civet and green notes.

Launched in 1930, Joy was Patou’s flagship fragrance. The iconic floral scent was developed in the wake of the Wall Street Crash of 1929. The aim of the fragrance was to reveal the essence of femininity in every woman. Today, it is still one of Jean Patou’s most popular fragrances. The brand was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2001, and the line was renamed Enjoy. It is a fresh, flowery scent that is perfect for evening wear.

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