Eau De Hadrien by Goutal Paris

eau de hadrien

Eau de Hadrien is a classic lemon perfume. It is very fresh and has a citrus and cypress base. It is described as a perfume for women that is straight to the point with a subtle shadow id. It is a refreshing scent for any day or night, but can be too strong for the office. It is available in several different fragrance concentrations, including the ultra-stylish Eau de Hadrien extrait, which has a strong citrus and cypress base.

The citrus notes in Hadrien are more prominent in the edp, which lasts on the skin for five to six hours. They are accompanied by a hint of cypress, which adds to their sharpness. While citrus scents are typically very short-lived, Goutal has mastered the art of turning them into a sensual experience that can be compared to eating a juicy red grapefruit. The cypress base also helps hold the citrus components in check, making this scent a true scientific marvel of the perfume world.

The Eau d’Hadrien scent is a shared fragrance that does not contain ‘pour homme’. This means that it can be used by men and women equally. The bottles, however, differ from women to men. Men’s bottles are shorter and squat, while women’s bottles are taller and traditionally feminine. The juice of the scent is identical in both versions. However, women’s fragrances are more floral-based.

Eau d’Hadrien is a classic, unisex fragrance that is a signature of Maison Goutal Paris. The scent is a fresh, clean, and refreshing citrus blend that is reminiscent of a Mediterranean grove. The composition is composed of a cocktail of lemon and cypress wood. It possesses a distinct Mediterranean-like feel that will make you want to wear it all the time.

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