Eau De Citron Noir Hermes For Men by Christine Nagel

eau de citron noir herms for men

Eau de Citron Noir Hermes for Men is the second fragrance by Christine Nagel. It is citrus-based, with a hint of bitterness. It is more masculine than feminine. Its unique citrus composition is refreshing and complex. Christine Nagel has employed a delicate touch to create this fragrance.

Christine Nagel’s second cologne for Hermes

In-house perfumer Christine Nagel has created a fragrance for Hermes that’s both nostalgic and modern. The fragrance evokes her grandmother’s trouser tailoring shop, a dark building on the top floor of a city in Switzerland. She’d watch as her grandmother pressed trousers with a red hot iron, and she remembers the distinctive dampness it created. She now works from her studio on the top floor of Hermes’s Ateliers d’Hermes building in the suburb of Pantin, outside of Paris.

Nagel’s placement at Hermes is fortuitous. While she’d worked for other companies before, the Hermes Artistic Director has given her creative freedom. This has made her a natural for the Hermes brand. Nagel’s second Hermes cologne is a fresh, modern scent that will appeal to both men and women.

The bottle is unique, too. Twilly d’Hermes is made from special sandalwood grown in Australia. The brand selects the trees for this fragrance carefully before they’re cut. The bottle is green, but the glass is purple. It’s not an easy process to make purple glass, but the scent is a treat for Hermes fans.

Christine Nagel’s second fragrance for Hermes is a modern and masculine cologne that carries the Hermes name and is inspired by the leather vault and silk scarves. The name reflects the new direction Hermes is taking in terms of fragrance. Nagel’s creations are aimed at a younger crowd.

Citrus Aromatic

Citrus Aromatic Eau de Citron Noir for men was designed by perfumer Christine Nagel for Hermes. It features citrus fruits, woody notes and a deep blue bottle. Its name is a play on the word “citrus,” but it is also available in other languages.

The top notes of Eau de Citron Noir are vivid and refreshing. The fruitiness is balanced with a woody, smoky base note. The cologne has a slightly synthetic feel, but its notes are rooted in nature. It is also affordable and available in large bottles.

More masculine than feminine

Eau de Citron Noir is a new addition to Hermes’ line of natural-smelling eau de cologne. It takes Hermes’ signature citrus note and drowns it in a mushroom cloud of Ambroxan and woody aromachemicals. It’s intended for the younger male crowd, and it’s more masculine than feminine.

The citrusy top notes are a tribute to nature. This fragrance consists of citrus, pelargonium, pepper, and vetiver. It’s meant to bring you back to nature, reviving the feeling of layering grass and gazing at the sky. Launched in 1998, Terre D’Hermes is a classic scent from the French house. Another popular fragrance by Hermes is the Rocabar, which is a fragrance inspired by the saddlery workshops of the Hermes brand.

Eau de Citron Noir is a citrus-based cologne by Hermes, created by Christine Nagel. It’s best for spring and summer wear. Inspired by the black lime, this fragrance has citrus and woody notes. It’s packaged in a deep blue bottle with a masculine name.

A fresh, fruity citrus fragrance that has a spicy undertone, Terre D’Hermes is more masculine than feminine. It has a fresh citrus opening, with a touch of grapefruit and orange. The perfume then settles down into a warm and earthy base.

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