Eau De Citron Noir Cologne Review

eau de citron noir eau de cologne

If you’re looking for a sultry scent, you should try a fragrance like Eau De Citron Noir cologne. This scent contains black lime as a central ingredient. The fruit is a common ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine. Dried black lime is sour and smoky. Other prominent notes are citron, black tea, and Paraguayan wood.

The scent starts out bright and juicy with an intense citrus top note. The smoky woody base lends a smoky note to the fragrance. The green tea notes and leafy, verdant scent are both rooted in nature, enhancing its overall scent. Regardless of your personal taste, you’ll love Eau de Citron Noir. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by its complex composition.

The fragrance’s central ingredient is black lime, a common ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine. The dried lime has a smoky flavor, but lacks the sweetness of fresh lime. The other notes are lemon, black tea, and citron. The scent is incredibly versatile and is a perfect choice for the office, car, or even after a workout. If you’re a fan of citrus and woody scents, you’ll love Eau De Citron Noir.

The Hermes Eau de Citron Noir is available in small, deluxe, and large bottles. The limited edition 50-ml bottle sells for 95$, while the 100-ml size is $130. The 200-ml size costs $175. Eau de Citron Noir is a citrus-fruit scent with a woody base. The scent is also strong and long-lasting.

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