Eau De Bouche Botton

eau de bouche botot

The original Eau de Bouche botton, Botot, was sold in France and was a popular oral hygiene product for centuries. Made with natural essences, this mint-based mouthwash has a distinctive taste. Its ingredients are natural and include the essential oils of cinnamon and cloves, which have been known to have beneficial effects on dental hygiene. Mint is another important ingredient in this mouthwash, and it imparts a refreshing feeling on the mouth and gums.


Eau de bouche Botot is an all-natural mouthwash created by Julien Botot, the personal physician to Louis XV. Botot’s concoction is highly effective and is still made today. Botot’s mouthwash contains cinnamon, ginger, anise, and gillyflower.

The natural essences of Botot Mouth Water provide a great taste and can maintain perfect oral hygiene throughout the day. Unfortunately, the product cannot be shipped by all couriers, and there are some counterfeits out there. While this is a common problem with many products, botot is a wonderful product that has helped thousands of people improve their oral hygiene. It can be used anytime you need to freshen your breath and keep it fresh for a long time.


Botot was the first modern mouthwash developed. It was created in 1755 by French physician Dr. Julien Botot for the use of King Louis XV. Botot has many beneficial ingredients, including cinnamon and ginger, which increase circulation. It is a highly concentrated formula that can be used daily.

Edme Botot was the official physician for Louis XV and was especially concerned with dental hygiene. He used different plants and epices to create his mouthwash and distributed it to the four corners of the capital. He was even known to engrave “Cui fidas vide” on his flacons.

Botot contains essential oils and alcohol, as well as other ingredients. The ingredients are designed to make your mouth smell fresh and healthy. It also has essential oils that improve oral hygiene. It should not be used by children younger than 6 years of age, or by those who experience halitosis.


Eau de Botot is a natural mouthwash that has many benefits. Its scent is refreshing and purifies the breath. It can be used during the day and is effective for freshening the breath throughout the day. It can also be used as a mouthwash without dilution.

The original formula of Botot was first created by Dr. Julien Botot in the 18th century for King Louis XV of France. It contains ginger and cinnamon, which promote better circulation. It is also a concentrated formula that can be used daily. It can be purchased in glass bottles, which you can keep in your kitchen or bathroom.


Eau de Bouche Botot is a French oral hygiene product that was the first of its kind to be sold in France. It uses natural essences to improve the breath and overall health of the mouth. For example, cloves have long been known for their dental hygiene benefits. In ancient Greece, people chewed on cloves to combat bad breath and prevent dental infections. These natural ingredients are combined with cinnamon and mint to help improve the overall health of the mouth.

Eau de Bouche Botot is an herbal mouthwash that was invented by a French doctor in 1755. It is available in pharmacies and costs around $10 for a small bottle. It has a strong herbal scent and can make the mouth feel as clean as Listerine. It is also produced in Florence, Italy, so you can be sure the product is of high quality.

Botot is an antiseptic and pleasant tasting daily oral elixir. It is a highly concentrated formula that has been recommended by the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM). Unlike many other oral elixirs, Botot can be added to a glass of water. The concentrated formula helps improve circulation in the mouth, which is important for the health of the teeth.

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