Diptyque Eau De Sens

eau de sens

What makes eau de sens so special? This citrus fragrance is reminiscent of childhood memories of Mediterranean gardens and delicious pastries. It’s a combination of the sweet and bitter notes of orange blossom, and it’s particularly appealing if you love oranges and Mediterranean gardens. The calming scent of orange blossom also makes you feel more relaxed. Whether you’re on a long walk in the park, or just relaxing in a quiet corner, you’ll feel more confident and relaxed after spritzing this fragrance on your skin.

The scent of Eau des Sens confuses the senses and radiates like a harmonious piece of music. Its aromatic notes include bitter orange, juniper berries, angelica, patchouli, and petitgrain. It is made of a blend of citrusy, woody, and spicy notes. Despite its complex composition, it’s a pleasure to wear and experience. Here are some of the most notable ingredients in this fragrance:

Orange blossom is the key ingredient in Diptyque’s eau de sens. However, it’s not the only ingredient. Angelica root, patchouli, and juniper berry round out the bouquet. But the citrusy scent promises a full orange tree scent. The Eau de Sens scent isn’t only made up of orange blossom. It also has a base of juniper berry, which is great for colognes.

A modern take on diptyque’s past, Eau des Sens was developed to be the most provocative yet sophisticated fragrance in the line. The idea behind this fragrance is to confuse our senses and create a mysterious sphere in our minds. This mysterious sphere is composed of complementary fragrance facets that create a profusion of stimuli. This scent is consistent with the sensory illusions of Op Art. Regardless of your gender or age, Eau de Sens is a wonderful addition to your collection.

Diptyque’s Soho pop-up shop is a fragrance utopia. With interactive installations, this store transports you to a different utopia each time you visit. Eau de Sens fragrance is available in a variety of forms, from a body wash to a hand and body gel. A variety of products based on the scent of the bitter orange tree are available. It’s best to check out the entire collection.

Diptyque’s Eau des Sens is a unique blend of citrus and floral notes. It’s the perfect combination for a summertime scent. It’s a wonderful change from the typical floral/fruity perfumes. It also smells fresh and vibrant, with a woody, spicy base. The ‘Oval’ bottle is an iconic design. When it comes to perfumes, the more exotic the fragrance is, the more likely it will appeal to your sense of smell.

Bitter orange is a unique citrus fragrance that lives in our collective olfactory unconscious. It reminds us of childhood memories and is a sweet-sour taste sensation. The citrus and sour notes are not gender-specific, and everyone can appreciate them. This scent is also a classic for a woman’s scent. This is one of the most versatile. It has a definite appeal for men and women alike.

The name “Eau des Sens” means “essence of senses.” It’s a play on words. The name is a play on words, and reflects the lineage of diptyque’s eau de toilette. It doesn’t break the patronymic rule that diptyque used for their fragrances, but acknowledges the original, unisex perfume. It’s a unique blend of citrus and talc, evocative of exotic scents while rooted in the comfort of talcum powder.

The most well-known orange flower cologne has a citrus-based scent. Citrus-based perfumes typically include orange blossom. This sweet citrus aroma brings back memories of Mediterranean gardens and delicious pastries. This scent is best suited for sunny days and spring or autumn. It is also the most versatile citrus fragrance available. If you’re searching for a fragrance to wear when the weather’s nice, citrus-based perfumes are the perfect choice.

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