Cosmopolitan Pure Sugar Eau De Parfum

Cosmopolitan’s new Eau de Juice collection includes a delightful new scent, Pure Sugar Eau de Parfum. Intense and irresistible, it is a heavenly blend of wild strawberry, sparkling pink grapefruit, praline, jasmine sambac, plum blossom, and energetic pink pepper. If you’re searching for a sensual fragrance that will be sure to attract attention, look no further than Pure Sugar.

eau de juice perfume pure sugar

The newest fragrance by Cosmopolitan is available in a fun, fruity floral fragrance, Eau de Juice Pure Sugar. The scent is a light and uplifting fruity floral, and features notes of red berries, cashmere woods, and bergamot. The sexy, oriental Eau de Juice Extra Concentrated scent features praline, patchouli, champagne, jasmine, and musk.

Eau de Juice Pure Sugar is a feminine fragrance with notes of pink pepper and raspberry, which linger on the skin for a long time. It is ideal for flirtatious occasions and a day at the spa. A sweet, feminine scent, Pure Sugar is the perfect scent for an afternoon or night out. A few drops of the perfume on your wrist is enough to entice a date. Just apply the spritz on your wrist and walk out the door with a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for a feminine fragrance, Pure Sugar by Cosmopolitan is an irresistible choice. This scent is sweet and flirty, with a blend of juicy mandarin and ripe blackberries on top. Its base notes feature jasmine sambac and pink pepper. It’s also calorie-free, so it’s great for those who are watching their calories.

The scent is addictive, and a great choice for a girly moment. With a fruity floral scent, Pure Sugar by Cosmopolitan is perfect for the modern woman who loves to feel flirty. A sweet and flirty aroma, this scent is made with sweet and fresh fruits such as strawberry and jasmine. A fruity and floral scent, it’s perfect for summer! It’s also calorie-free, so no matter how much you indulge, you’ll still be able to wear it guilt-free.

Cosmopolitan’s Eau de Juice is a fruity floral and fun fragrance for women. It’s a sweet and flirty scent that’s perfect for the modern woman. Its floral top notes include plum and cranberry. It also has a base note of praline. If you’re looking for a fun feminine fragrance, Pure Sugar is a great choice.

Cosmopolitan’s Pure Sugar is a fruity, floral fragrance that is perfect for a girly moment. With pink pepper and wild strawberry on top, the scent has a sexy and addictive scent. It’s also good for your health! Just don’t forget to wear the sunscreen! The best thing to wear is a fragrance that you’ll love. It’s like a treat for your skin and your senses.

Cosmopolitan’s Eau de Juice is a fresh and fruity floral fragrance that’s perfect for summertime and spring. Its scent is addictive and sexy, with notes of pink pepper and wild strawberry at the top. It’s not too sexy, but it’s a great choice for hot summer days and romantic nights. If you’re looking for a flirtatious, sweet and fun scent, try this new Cosmopolitan perfume.

Cosmopolitan’s Pure Sugar is a fruity floral perfume that has a sweet, sexy scent. The eau de juice is best for summer, but it’s also good for everyday use. The calorie-free formula will keep you smelling great all day long. However, if you’re looking for a sweet, flirty scent, try Cosmopolitan’s Eau de Juice.

Another popular women’s perfume is Cosmopolitan. Its sweet, synthetic scent has won the hearts of many ladies. It was launched in March 2019 and has gained a strong following. Its price is competitive with many other popular perfumes. This product is available in over 40 countries worldwide. It’s a popular choice for women. The name is a symbol of sophistication. The cologne has a prestigious, luxurious aroma.

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