Cosmopolitan Good Energy Body Mist For Women

eau de juice good energy body mist for women

If you are searching for a body mist that is good for your skin and your body, you have come to the right place. The Cosmopolitan Good Energy fragrance is available in body mists and a body mist. The Eau de Juice version is a perfume that is being marketed by Luxe Brands. However, if you are looking for a body mist for your body, you have to pay attention to certain aspects. Listed below are the things that you need to consider before purchasing this perfume.


The new fruity floral scent, Good Energy by Eau de Juice, is a refreshing, fresh fragrance that has sparkling notes of mango, papaya, passion fruit, tiger lily, sandalwood musk, and coconut milk. It is packaged in the iconic “juice box” bottle. It is set to debut in 2020. If you’ve been waiting for it, you’re in luck. The scent will be available for purchase online and at retail stores nationwide.

A blend of tropical passion fruit and juicy mandarin bursts with sweet tiger lily and sandalwood in this fresh, energizing fragrance. Its base notes of coconut milk and sandalwood are balancing. The fresh, fruity scent is a perfect companion during the summer months. If you’ve been waiting for a summery scent to refresh your skin and boost your energy, then you’ll love Eau de Juice.

Cosmopolitan Good Energy fragrance

The Cosmopolitan brand is launching a new fragrance, Eau de Juice, in 2020. This fruity floral fragrance features sparkling notes of passion fruit, papaya, mango, and sandalwood musk. A millennial pink finish completes the aroma. It comes in the iconic “juice box” bottle. This fragrance is suitable for all seasons and works well as a spritz on the body.

Cosmopolitan Eau de Juice

The new Cosmopolitan Eau de Juice body mist for women is a refreshing fruity floral fragrance. The scent features sparkling notes of mango, passion fruit, papaya, sandalwood musk, and coconut milk. The scent is packaged in an iconic juice box bottle. It will be available in 2020. Interested consumers can get an early sneak peek by checking out the official website.

This refreshing perfume is perfect for the summertime, but isn’t too strong. Cosmopolitan’s Eau de Juice body mist is light and fruity and a great choice for any occasion. The fragrance opens with juicy and sparkling fruits, and lingers for hours. Women can use it anytime, day or night. It’s suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin.

Cosmopolitan Good Energy body mist

The Cosmopolitan Good Energy Body Mist is a lighter version of the original eau de parfum. It opens with sparkling fruit and zesty oranges. The heart of the fragrance features juicy passion fruit. The scent is refreshing and uplifting. Good Energy Body Mist is a great option for hot summer days or long winter nights. If you’re looking for a scent to match the beach, try Cosmopolitan Good Energy Body Mist.

The newest body mist is a fun, fruity way to stay energized throughout the day. Its sparkling fruit blend combines orange zest with juicy passion fruit, creating an irresistible fragrance. It’s calorie-free and a great choice for a summertime vacation. This scent is great for both men and women. If you want a light scent, try Cosmopolitan Good Energy Body Mist for women.

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