Comparing an eau de Natural to a Perfume

eau de natural

An eau de natural is a fragrance that uses essential oils to create a scent. Various fragrances contain different combinations of essential oils. Optimist, for example, contains essential oils in combination with vanilla. Optimist is particularly effective at smelling sensual. This fragrance is also available in a deodorant form. In addition to essential oils, eau de natural fragrances often contain alcohol. Fragrantica members can leave comments and rate fragrances.

When comparing eau de toilette and eau de parfum, it is important to note that both contain different amounts of pure perfume oil. For example, eau de toilette contains about 10 percent pure perfume oil, whereas eau de parfum contains around fifteen percent pure fragrance oil. Either way, these two perfume types have different smells, though they do share some common traits. The difference lies in the concentration levels. For the most part, eau de toilettes are more breathable and have a fresher scent than eau de parfum.

When choosing a fragrance for yourself, a good rule of thumb is to buy a higher-end perfume than eau de toilette. These two types of fragrances are much cheaper and less ostentatious than perfume. However, if you’re not sure which to choose, trust your instincts and wear what smells best on you. The more natural the fragrance, the better. If you’re not sure which one to choose, try a fragrance from a natural brand.

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