Clarins Eau Des Jardins Review

eau de jardin clarins

Clarins launched a new women’s fragrance called Eau des Jardins in 2010. It’s an Aromatic scent with notes of citruses, rose, bay leaf, and mint. This fragrance is perfect for hot weather and the summer months. Clarins uses dry oils in its formula, making it a lightweight, refreshing scent that’s perfect for hot weather.

Citrus Floral

The Citrus Floral Eau de Jardin by Clarins is a light, fresh citrus scent that enhances the sense of wellbeing and energizes the senses. It is an all-natural fragrance, made with plant extracts and essential oils, with no added chemicals or parabens. The elixir helps to hydrate skin while providing an uplifting aromatherapy effect. The scent is incredibly light and refreshing, perfect for the warmer months.

Citrus Floral Eau des Jardins is an uplifting citrus fragrance that’s easy to wear. This scent is reminiscent of a country garden in early spring, as it combines essential oils of citrus fruits and green woods. It opens with fruity citrus notes that transition to a rose-and-blackcurrant bud scent. The fragrance then gradually transforms into a musky woodsy trail. Whether you’re wearing it on its own or in a combination, you’ll be sure to turn heads.


Clarins’ Hydrating Eau de Jardin is a natural spray that hydrates your skin and leaves a fresh, luminous feeling. The bottle features a purple, orange, and yellow design. It also has a pleasant scent. This refreshing, natural spray is recommended for daily use.

Clarins Eau de Jardin is an aromatic fragrance for women that contains citrus, rose, and mint. It soothes and hydrates your skin with its blend of dry oils and fragrant floral notes.


Refreshing Eau de Jardin by Clarins is an all-natural fragrance that has therapeutic and aromatherapy benefits. It contains a blend of essential oils and plant extracts. Its citrus floral and woody notes will soothe your skin and uplift your spirit. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

The fresh, green scent of Eau de Jardin is uplifting and reminiscent of a flower shop or a country side. It is not overwhelming and does not linger. Eau Dynamisante is light and quick to apply, and is a great choice for anyone who wants instant results without much fuss. Eau Ressourcante is a soothing, energizing fragrance that will help you regain your sense of calm.


The Luminous Eau de Jardin is a body lotion by Clarins. It is an aromatic fragrance designed to help you relax and restore your mood. The fragrance uses essential oils for aromatherapy and skin conditioning. It is gentle on the skin and is suitable for both men and women. It is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, the scent has a weak sillage and poor longevity.

The Clarins Eau de Jardin is a delightful summer fragrance that is made with citrus, floral, and woody notes. It contains a blend of essential oils and plant extracts that help soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.


Clarins / Eau Des Jardins Spray is available in 100ml bottles. Its scent is fresh and fruity with woody, powdery notes. Clarins / Eau de jardin is suitable for both men and women. The 100 ml bottle is intended for delivery within the Contiguous United States.

Eau des Jardins contains a unique mix of fragrance and skincare benefits, and was launched in 2010. This ethereal fragrance is infused with citruses, rose, and mint, as well as a touch of bay leaf. Its light floral scent makes it ideal for hot weather and summertime.

Described as a “garden in a bottle”

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