Cacharel Eau D’Eden Review

Whether you’ve heard of Cacharel Eau d’Eden or have never tried it, this fragrance is a floral aquatic fragrance that you may want to try. This fragrance was introduced in 1996 and is currently discontinued. It features a floral-powdery scent that has dominant floral and fruity accords.

Perfume notes

Those who are looking for a fresh and floral fragrance should try Eden by Cacharel. The fragrance is designed for the active woman and its longevity is impressive. It’s also worth noting that the name is derived from the Primeval Garden of Creation. The fragrance is presented in a jade green bottle ensconced in gold detailing.

The scent is an alchemical concoction of fresh and fruity notes, which are further blended with spicy and oriental components. The fragrance is a well rounded concoction that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The scent is a pleasant light scent that doesn’t overpower the wearer. It’s the perfect floral perfume for the summer and is a nice compliment to any wardrobe.

The Cacharel Eden Eau de Parfum has an impressive list of notable ingredients. It contains a number of ingredients that are worthy of the name, including an impressive list of citrus top notes, a surprisingly sweet middle note, and a drydown that echoes the fragrance’s ethos.

Scent longevity

Whether you are a perfume buff or a cynic, there’s something to be said for a good scent that lasts. I’ve found that a good perfume will last a good amount of time, even after being sprayed on the body. Of course, I can’t say for sure that I’ve experienced that elusive perfume magic, but it’s certainly possible. I do believe that there’s a reason why this particular scent remains on the market.

While it’s not quite the world’s largest perfume bottle, it’s a pretty big bottle. I’d say this one is worth the purchase, especially if you are in the market for a new scent. The eau de cologne is available in a number of scents.

The name of the tiniest bottle might be a bit of a mouthful, but the company behind it is a legitimate brand. The Eau de Eden is just one of many scents in the cacharel line, which is made up of feminine clothing and perfumes. I’d recommend checking out the brand’s website to find out what’s new on the shelf.

Lasting power

Whenever you are looking for a good floral fragrance for women, you can’t go wrong with Eau de Eden. This is a perfume with a delicate and subtle strength that is suitable for any age group. The fragrance is a perfect choice for the summer season and is recommended for wear in the daytime.

Eau de Eden is a unique fragrance with a very long lasting seductive power. The fragrance is a floral aquatic perfume that is made of a lot of fruits and flowers. The fragrance is a great choice for summer and teens, and it has a woody base that makes the perfume very long-lasting.

Eau de Eden is made by Cacharel and has been created by perfumer Annick Menardo. The fragrance features notes of Water Lily, Rose, Orange Blossom and Mimosa. The perfume is presented in a jade green bottle with gold detailing.


Whether you’re looking for a floral scent or something more oriental, here are some recommendations for eau de Eden. Eden by Cacharel was first introduced in 1994 and is a fragrance for women that blends floral, spicy, and oriental notes. This perfume is a perfect choice for women who want to feel adventurous and mysterious. It has a delicate, light scent that lasts without overpowering.

Cacharel EDEN is a floral fragrance that has notes of rock rose, water orris, hyacinth, and sandalwood. It is a fragrance that can be worn year round, but it is not recommended for summer. It is ideal for wearing in the office or for more formal occasions. This scent can also be worn on the inside wrists.

Cacharel EDEN is classified as a refreshing, oriental floral fragrance.

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