Burberry The Beat Eau De Toilette For Men

eau de toilette for men burberry

Burberry The Beat Eau De Toilette for Men is a fresh and spicy fragrance with a floral and pepper note. Its base is woody and carries a strong floral element as well as a peppery note. It is quite long-lasting and has decent sillage. We give it an A. The scent lingers for hours and is masculine yet not overpowering. We’ve tested both the cologne and the eau de toilette and found that they’re both a solid choice.

Burberry Touch

The new fragrance by Burberry brings to life the sensuality that bursts from the brand’s clothes, surrounded by an air of elegance and authenticity. Designed by Firmenich and Jean-Pierre Bethouard, the scent’s notes are intangible, yet they have an initial freshness that is hard to define. This masculine fragrance is both comfortable and rich in contrasts. The scent’s scent notes range from a spicy iris to an earthy musk. It’s a subtle, warm, and sophisticated scent that’s best left undefined.

The fragrance of Burberry Touch for Men is clean and spicy, with hints of violet leaf and pepper. The fragrance has a powdery/creamy feel to it. The pepper spice dominates the opening phase, similar to that of Burberry London, and then merges with musk and tonka bean for a deep, sensual finish. Despite its masculine aroma, this fragrance is still very clean and comfortable to wear.

Burberry Touch for men is one of the more feminine fragrances among men. Its citrusy top notes include Mandarin orange, violet leaf, and artemisia. The spicy mid and base notes include white musk, tonka bean, and vetiver. It has a slightly spicy edge that will appeal to both men and women. In addition, its milder scent is perfect for the office or on a date.

This woody musky-aromatic scent blends citrus notes and floral notes with musk, vetiver, and a hint of spice. It’s not a powerful scent, but it does grow on you. Despite its masculine composition, it doesn’t overwhelm the senses. And with so many options available in the masculine fragrance category, it should not be difficult to find the one that suits your style.

Men can buy the 1.7-ounce bottle for everyday use, which is perfect for men who have just started experimenting with cologne. If a guy is already committed to a certain scent, you can give him the larger 3.3-oz bottle. However, if the guy is a true fan of Burberry, he’ll be happy with either size. There are also colognes for men, which are more suited for men who are a bit more adventurous.

Burberry Hero

The 2021 Burberry Hero eau de toilette for men offers a spicy, earthy, citrus, woody, and spicy blend. It contains notes of sparkling bergamot, fresh juniper, and bold black pepper. This masculine scent will give you confidence and make you a coveted man of fashion. It is a masculine fragrance that will make your friends turn up their noses in admiration.

The bottle of Burberry Hero eau de toilette for men is a modern re-imagination of the iconic Burberry Fragrance by Riccardo Tisci. Its angular design is reminiscent of a horse’s hoof, and features a monogram embossed by the Italian designer. At the base of the bottle is the Burberry logo, in a curved form.

The brand’s iconic fragrance is the new face of masculine elegance. Inspired by the spirit of a modern man, Burberry Hero eau de toilette for men transforms classic British elegance into exotic, urban, and sexy. Born in the city, this new fragrance captures the spirit of the new warrior who wants to be different, yet not be a copycat. The fragrance has an alluring masculine aroma that is perfect for both men and women.

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