Annick Goutal Eau de Sud Perfume Review

eau de sud

Annick Goutal’s Eau de Sud is a beautiful, delicate fragrance that is both sophisticated and relaxed. Its citrus and herbal blend evoke memories of summers in Provence and Tuscany. Its fragrance lingers on the skin for hours and evokes a feeling of carefree relaxation and well-being. The scent is not at all harsh and doesn’t have a strong alcohol content. It is a refreshing, calming fragrance that has an excellent staying power.

To create this citrus-based fragrance, Annick Goutal travelled to Provence and Tuscany to collect scent notes for her fragrances. The results are the incredibly energizing citrus notes of Annick Goutal’s Eau du Sud. This scent is reminiscent of long, cool evenings spent lazing in the sun and sipping on lemonade or iced Pimms. Its aquatic, woody base reveals a hint of Mediterranean sea air.

Eau du Sud is a citrus-floral fragrance that cuts back on the floral heart to reveal the woody bones beneath. The scent is reminiscent of Provence and Tuscany, where Annick Goutal exposed the composition to Mediterranean garrigue and juiced it with lime. Its citrus-woody fragrance is pleasant and a great choice for warmer weather, while its sweeter, floral side is a must for spring and summer.

The citrus-woody undertones of Eau du Sud are reminiscent of the Mediterranean. The scent is a bit more fresh and fruity than Cristalle. It’s summer in a bottle, complete with iced Pimms and tennis cake. Eight hours after application, the perfume evokes the smell of Fishermen’s Lozenges. A refreshing citrus that is perfect for spring and summer. A few droplets a day can go a long way.

This refreshing scent was inspired by the Provence and Tuscany regions. It conjures images of sunny summers and carefree evenings. The main notes of the perfume include bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, and citrus fruits. When sniffed, the scent reveals warm woody accents. It is an all-around pleasant smell, but it is also refreshing. It is perfect for summer or autumn.

Eau du Sud was inspired by Annick Goutal’s visit to Tuscany and Provence to create a perfume that would capture the essence of those places. The citrus-based scent is fresh and uplifting, bringing thoughts of summer evenings and picnics. Its woody citrus notes are the perfect complement to a summer-inspired perfume. Despite its tropical character, it is more appropriate for a masculine.

Eau du Sud is the perfume of Provence and Tuscany. Its citrus-based accords evoke long afternoons and warm evenings, arid climes, and Mediterranean sea breezes. Its fresh, woody scents will make you feel like you are walking in a dream. Its refreshing citrus notes will make you feel good. However, the perfume will only be effective if you wear it.

The fragrance is similar to Eau Sauvage, but has a more fruity scent. The latter is a more fruity version of Eau du Sud, and has more citrus and woody accents. It will evoke memories of summer nights in Provence, and is a great choice for summer. It reflects the Mediterranean sun and exudes a sense of opulence. The main notes of Eau du Sud are bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, and grapefruit.

Annick Goutal’s Eau du Sud is a citrusy version of her reference cologne, which he created in Provence. The fragrance evokes Mediterranean garrigue and is made with a spritz of lime juice. The scent is ideal for summer and for summertime. Annick Goutal’s site is worth checking out. There are lots of useful tips to make sure your eau de sud lasts as long as you want it to.

If you are looking for a scent to wear during your summer vacation, eau de sud is a great choice. Its fresh scent will remind you of summer. It is also perfect for everyday wear. The citrus fragrance is one of the most popular in Europe and it’s easy to find in many discounters. You can buy a bottle of Annick Goutal fragrance at major department stores or online retailers. There are lots of brands that sell it for a low price, but you’ll have to check the price before buying.

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