Annick Goutal Eau De Monsieur Review

eau de monsieur

One of the original Annick Goutal fragrances, Eau de Monsieur was released in the early 1980s. Although it had been removed from the company’s line-up, it was listed as coming back in 2013. This was a good sign, as Camille Goutal and perfumer Isabelle Doyen have recomposed the fragrance. The fragrance is now considered a timeless classic. Those who like its masculine scent should consider purchasing it.

The scent is multilayered with spicy, woody, and citrus accords. The top notes include mandarin, bergamot, and a bit of mint. The middle and base notes are patchouli and sandalwood. Despite its high price tag, Eau de Monsieur has a long-lasting scent and a hint of the exotic. The fragrance is packaged in a sleek, square bottle with a gold and silver label.

Monsieur is an ode to sophistication and style. It celebrates the masculine appeal of well-dressed men and reveals the voluptuousness that lies within them. It contains notes of sandalwood and patchouli, which add a hint of sensuality to the scent. It’s perfect for any man who enjoys a bit of luxury and sophistication, and a fragrance that will impress the ladies.

While not one of the most innovative fragrances on the market, the scent is incredibly pleasant and easy to wear. Its citrus-like opening quickly gives way to an oakmoss-like note that displaces traditional cologne. The resulting fragrance is a classic chypre, and it’s executed beautifully. With a clean, sophisticated opening, a woody heart accord, and a drydown of amber, Eau de Monsieur remains a sophisticated and enticing fragrance that is both appealing and easy to wear.

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