A Review of the Lavender Fragrance – eau De Lavande

One of the oldest known fragrances is eau de lavande, which is based on the freshness of lavender blossoms. The floral scent is enhanced with spices such as Tonka bean and vanilla. It reminds one of a drawer or wicker laundry basket stuffed full of lavender. This classic fragrance combines sophistication with strength. The scent is not overwhelming, but it is pleasant enough for everyday use. But be warned – it can be unattractive after a while.

The lavender oil used in eau de lavande comes from two species of lavender – L. angustofolia and L. x intermedia. The lavender plant is cheaper than the other, so Mme Giacobetti uses equal amounts of each. To enhance the lavandin scent, she also adds coriander seed, basil, and cedar. Herbal ingredients such as cinnamon and nutmeg take away the soapy scent.

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